Protect your cargo with a rugged and durable tarp!

Entrust a sturdy, well made truck and trailer cover to protect the valuable cargo on you are hauling so it can be delivered expertly and efficiently. All of our trailer covers are reinforced with a double layer strip on the front and back wear areas and the grommets are webbing reinforced. These tarps are available directly from our Pittsburgh and Baltimore locations.

Truck and Trailer Covers


Our standard tractor trailer side kit tarp is an 18oz. vinyl coated polyester fabric, has a 16″ drop on the front and sides, and a 30″ tail drop. There are ropes on the front, passenger side, and a few on the drivers side. The rest of the driver side and tail flap have American made rubber tarp straps installed. The front and back will be fitted to the location and height of your bows. You can also get your name stenciled on the tarp. All of these features come standard and are included in the cost of the side kit tarps. The following options are available:

  • Wind straps to help keep the tarp from ballooning up in the wind
  • Webbing and “D” rings instead of grommets
  • White windows (skylights
  • Double layer strip down the sides where bows, stakes and panels meet
Truck & Trailer Covers by Les Neilly Canvas Goods
Truck & Trailer Covers by Les Neilly Canvas Goods



Expect a company that offers top quality products and will go out of its way to satisfy your truck and trailer covers needs


Serving large and small fleets as well as owner/operators nationwide from our Pittsburgh and Baltimore locations.


We also offer prompt, quality truck and trailer covers repair service at a reasonable price


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Trailer with a 4‘ bulkhead and 5’ side kit with 30″ bows

Choose your size

  • 45′ & 48′
  • 96″ or 102″ wide
  • 24″, 28″, or 30″ bows

All trailer lengths and bow sizes available. We can normally make your side kit tarp without having to measure your trailer. We have bulkhead, bow location and length measurements for most popular trailers.