Artist Canvas

We have a few different weights of untreated canvas we sell for use as artist canvas and photographic backdrops. The cost is for a linear yard cut off the roll, NOT a square yard, so if the material is 7′ wide, the cost would be for a piece 3′ x 7′ cut off the roll. Weight is per square yard.

All material is 100% untreated cotton, natural color. The material listed in ounces (oz.) is a single weave fabric, with only 1 thread running in each direction. The material that is a numbered (#) duck, is a double woven fabric, with 2 threads running in each direction, so it is a denser fabric. We stock all of the below materials and can ship UPS anywhere.

Please fill out the following contact form for a quote on the total cost for Artist Canvas and your shipping address since it is difficult to determine the shipping cost until we know how many yards you need and where you are located. We will contact you shortly with that information. If the cost is agreed upon by you, we can make payment arrangements either by sending you a Paypal Invoice (where you can securely online pay by credit card),  or over the phone by credit card .

Call 800-745-4837 (412-471-1204) for pricing or more information. Otherwise, if you fill out the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please Select Canvas by the Item Name(s) and the number of yards needed. Then include in the message section below.

Item NameDescriptionPrice Per Yard
ART12010′ #12 Untreated Cotton Duck – 12 oz.14.50
ART14412′ #12 Untreated Cotton Duck – 12 oz.18.75
ART6060” #10 Untreated Cotton Duck – 15 oz.7.00
ART6060” #4 Untreated Cotton Duck – 24 oz.11.50
ART72 72” Untreated Cotton Duck 7oz.4.00
ART72-12 72″ 72” #12 Untreated Cotton Duck – 12 oz.7.50
ART84 84″84” #12 Untreated Cotton Duck – 12 oz.8.75
ART96 96″96” #12 Untreated Cotton Duck – 12 oz.11.50