Side Kits

Neilly Canvas Side Kits Tarp

Stakes and Bows 1

The vehicle on the left is a Custom side kit on 20’ straight truck 5’4” bulkhead to 6’ stakes.

For most trailers, we have all the measurements needed to make the tarp fit properly. We can supply a measurement sheet for the trailers we are not sure of, we want your tarp to fit properly. A tarp that fits well makes a side kit look “complete.”

This tarp goes from a 4′ bulkhead to 5’6″ stakes.

Specialty side kits, like the drop deck trailer pictured above, are also available.

All Side Kits Include:

  • Enough stakes for a 3 piece tail
  • .850 diameter solid aluminum bows
  • Welded on tarp caddies (6 for most kits, 45′ and 48′)
  • 1/2″ A/C exterior plywood, 47-3/4″ wide, primed and painted on good side & edges
  • Adjustable center ridge strap
  • 18 ounce vinyl coated polyester tarp, 16″ drop on front and sides, 30″ drop on fitted tail, with front and rear reinforcing strips, webbing sewn in hem to reinforce grommets, 3 wind straps, ropes on front and passenger side, tarp straps on driver side and tail

Side Kit Options

(additional costs)

  • FRP wood panels with aluminum trim on top and bottom
  • CARGOlite® lightweight panels
  • Webbing & “D” rings on tarp
  • White “windows” (skylights) in tarp
  • Nylon thread base tarp is slightly more flexible in cold weather
  • Taller kits available
  • Grain (support) stakes
  • Black plastic pipe on bows
  • Collars welded on stakes to prevent “T” from wearing into deck of trailer