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We have done trailer skirts for the travelling pipeline workers that have come into the Pittsburgh area to work on the Marcellus Shale project. The skirts keep the wind from blowing under the trailer, keeping the floor warmer, requiring less gas for heating, and it looks a lot neater than seeing everything stored underneath the trailer.

Trailer Skirt

Benefits from vinyl trailer skirts

When you choose to add vinyl skirts to your camper trailer, they serve multiple purposes:

1. Gives a neat, clean appearance
2. Keeps the water pipes from freezing
3. Keeps the floor warmer, reducing heating costs
4. Hides anything that is stored underneath

Truck Body Cover

Utility Truck Body

speciality-cab-cover_neilly-canvas-good-coCab Cover

Outdoor Kitchen Covers

Outdoor Furniture Cover_Neilly Canvas Goods Co_web_image3
Outdoor Furniture Cover

Trailer Cover

Swing Cover

Some other specialty items we make covers for

1. Landscape trucks with a chipper or leaf sucker set-up
2. Outdoor kitchens
3. Wooden crates or storage containers
4. Outdoor furniture covers
5. Utility truck bodies and small utility trailers
6. Small water storage tanks (1550 gallons shown)
7. Swing cover with welded aluminum frame
8. Winter enclosures protect your porch or patio from rain, snow and cold weather

Wooden Storage Container Covers

Water Storage Tank




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Utility Trailer Cover

Neilly Speciality_Winter Enclosure_Image
Winter Enclosure

Sunbrella and Furniture